Hanging scroll

The three characters of this print express the Zen principle of releasing all negative, selfish thoughts and emotions, leading to the purified state of mind necessary in achieving true enlightenment. With dynamic yet soothing brush stokes, this print embodies the honesty and integrity with which Takuan lived his life.

‘Takuan Soho
Known warmly as "Takuan-san", he was an early Edo period Zen Priest and the 153rd master of Kyoto's Daitokuji.

Frame Size: 40.0 ~ 84.2 cm
Print Size: 27.0 ~ 62.1 cm
Frame: Specially made Japanese-style frame; traditional hooks and sack
Price: \86,650 (tax included)
Medium: Multicolor collotype
Supervision &
Furuya Minoru
Furuya Minoru
Framed Edition

Hanging scroll Edition

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Scroll Size: 108.0 ~ 69.0 cm
Print Size: 27.0 ~ 62.1 cm
Scroll Rod: Ivory
Price: \86,650 (tax included)

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